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True Commercial Refrigerator

The True commercial refrigerator product line is one of the finest in the world of restaurant equipment.

A True commercial refrigerator can be an excellent choice for small restaurant and bakery owners, or anyone else in need of a commercial refrigeration unit.

As one of the most reputable brands in the industry, you can be sure that the True brand is one you can rely on to adequately store your food and beverages while keeping them at optimal temperatures.

It’s also important to choose a brand you can trust in the event that something within your fridge malfunctions. Since refrigerators are sophisticated devices, things go wrong from time to time. Thus, replacement parts are needed.

It’s important to choose a brand with an ample supply of replacement pieces and one who sells them for reasonable prices. You can rest assured that True commercial refrigerator parts can be easily obtained for fair rates.

Due to the above and the company’s vast selection of commercial refrigerator options, the True commercial refrigerator is one of the most popular on the market. Let’s take a look at a few of the many models that may cater to your needs.

True GDM-23 23 cu. ft. 1 Glass Swing Door Refrigerator

This model is sold at numerous online stores. After discounts and price adjustments, it is tagged below the $1,500 mark. If you see it listed at a higher price, simply continue on with your search because you’ll find it for less than $1,500.

This True commercial fridge is eco friendly, and refrigerates food and beverages between the temperatures of 33ºF and 38ºF. It’s an extremely durable unit, and its non-peel chip white laminated vinyl exterior makes it aesthetically durable too.

The floor involves a blend of white aluminum and stainless steel. This True refrigeration device also has thermal insulated glass doors, and door light comes integrated within the unit. The wire shelves come with adjustable hard wearing PVC coating.

Whenever you’re buying a heavy duty product, it’s important to know what kind of warranty you’ll be getting. With respect to True commercial refrigerator parts, you’ll get a one year warranty. The same goes for any labor costs associated with repair. Also, like any other top notch product, all models of True commercial refrigerators come with a 5-year warranty on compressor.

True TS-49 Commercial Refrigerator, Stainless In and Out, 2 Door, 49 Cu. Ft.

This commercial refrigerator will do the job very efficiently. This features a stainless steel exterior and interior (hence the name), and features two doors with a capacity of about 50 cubic feet. This model is large, yet well balanced so it won’t be overpowering. Like all other new True commercial refrigerators, it’s eco-friendly too.

When you buying this model, you’ll also get a factory sealed system that is pre-lubricated to ensure longer life. It’s designed to keep temperatures between 33°F and 38°F.

This refrigeration product also comes with a solar and digital thermometer to provide you with easy visibility. There are also some other nice add-ons like incandescent interior lighting and self-closing doors.

If you’re on a budget and looking to save some money, you may want to look for a used True commercial refrigerator. They’re out there, especially in the case of restaurants closing up shop. You may want to look for these opportunities locally, but you can also look online in places like Craigslist and eBay. Who knows – you might fall into a bargain that brings you a True commercial refrigerator for just pennies on the dollar compared to what you’d spend for a new model.

Regardless of which road you choose, good luck!