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Refrigerator Water Filter

A refrigerator water filter ensures a clean supply of drinking water from your fridge tap, with replacement filters and cartridges available online.

Everyone knows that drinking water on a regular basis is good for them and having access to a clean source of water is therefore important. While the vast majority of households are supplied with tap water, most studies have shown that this has at least a few contaminants in it. A water filter can therefore be a good idea and a refrigerator water filter is one of the simplest ways of having this in your home.

Many refrigerators these days are manufactured such that they can accept a water supply and this can be useful as a means of providing a constant supply of drinking water and ice. However the water in the fridge will come from the main household supply and it is therefore important to ensure that a refrigerator water filter is included. This is basically a water filter system that is built into a fridge. It is used as a means of cleaning and purifying tap water such that it is safer and healthier to drink. Many of the top refrigerator brands now come with a water filter as standard and when looking to purchase a new fridge it is well worth considering a model that has a water filter.

There are obvious benefits to having a refrigerator water filter as opposed to other types of water filter. As with any water filter, the main advantage is that it purifies the water supply in your home and removes contaminants. This ensures that you will have a healthier and better tasting supply of water. However by having the water filter in your fridge it means that you have a supply of cool drinking water that is ready whenever you feel thirsty. Many people bottle their own filtered water or buy bottled water and put it in the fridge to cool it down to drink. By having the filter in the fridge this is not needed and you have cool drinking water at the ready whenever you need.

A refrigerator water filter will also ensure that the ice in the fridge is produced using filtered water. This means you have a clean supply of ice constantly at the ready to use in your drinks and this can be another benefit of having a water filter in your fridge.

However a point to note is that refrigerator water filters do not last a lifetime and it is generally recommended that they are replaced at least every six months. However it is generally possible to tell by the quality of water that is being made if the filter or cartridge is still in good condition and if the water starts to taste unusual it is generally a good sign that the filter needs changed. Generally the outlet where you bought the fridge is a location to look for replacement filters. However there are a few online retailers that specialize in selling them and these include Filter Outlet and Fridge Filters. Both of these stock replacement water filters for refrigerators that are produced by some of the top manufacturers including AquaFresh, Brita, Maytag and KitchenAid to name a few. The cost will obviously depend on the brand name you are buying for, although the price for most tends to fall in the $15 to $35 range.

Having clean drinking water in your home is a common sense option and water filters are a simple way to achieve this. A refrigerator water filter can be one of the best options as it ensures you have a clean supply of cool drinking water and ice on demand.