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Commercial Restaurant Equipment

Commercial restaurant equipment comes in the form of many supplies and parts for kitchen cooking, catering, and more.

For those thinking about opening a café  or restaurant, there is much work and planning required in the preparation of this. Not the least of this is fitting out the premises and there is a range of commercial restaurant equipment required to get set up.

Commercial restaurant equipment comes in a range of categories and the size and type of equipment purchased will depend to a large part on the type of restaurant. Most will need some form of storage for food and this type of restaurant equipment includes shelving and cabinets. Shelving can be wall mounted or free standing and cabinets come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Refrigerators can be an important piece of equipment and these can include back of house chillers, fridges and freezers. These come in a variety of styles and can range from tall, one door fridges to larger walk in coolers. Some cafes may also have fridges at the front of house for drinks and snacks and these are usually glass fronted so that the contents are easily seen.

Cookers are also an important piece of commercial equipment required for a café or restaurant and these come in a range of styles. This can include equipment such as boilers, fryers, ranges, hotplates and rotisserie equipment. Depending on the type of food served, a restaurant may have one of these or a range of different cooking equipment to prepare the food.

Other commercial restaurant equipment can include larger sink units, dishwashers and display cases. Depending on the type of restaurant, there will be a range of commercial equipment required. It can be better to assess the equipment required at an early stage of planning such that premises can be identified that has room to accommodate this.

There are many manufacturers that produce commercial equipment for restaurants with most tending to specialize in one type of equipment. Traulsen, for example, produces some of the best refrigerators and freezers around while Pitco is one of the leading manufacturers in fryers and frying filters. Other manufacturers include Star, AIS International, Blodgett and Vulcan. However, there are many more manufacturers and depending on the type of equipment required it is worth doing a little research on those available before making a purchase.

There are a few options available for purchasing commercial restaurant equipment. One of the best ways can be lease to own as this requires a smaller cash outlay in the initial stages of setting up, with the balance paid over a set period of months. However if you have the money available in the initial stages of setting up there are also a number of retailers that sell new and used commercial equipment for restaurants. The internet can be a good place to look for these with My Chef Store and A City Discount being a couple of the companies that have equipment available.

Setting up a café or restaurant takes some preparation and identifying the commercial restaurant equipment required is a part of this. There is much to choose from and taking the time to select the best and most affordable should ensure your restaurant gets off to the best possible start.