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Commercial Refrigerator Combo

A commercial refrigerator combo includes a refrigerator and freezer all in one unit.

Are you planning to purchase a commercial refrigerator combo? If so, you should do comprehensive research to make sure you get the best value for each and every dollar you spend. This article will help you do just that! Our favorite brand for the price is Summit appliances, so we’re going to stick to discussing a few models from this line. Hopefully, one of them will be the right fit for your situation.

Summit Stainless Door with Horizontal Towel Bar – AL652BSSHH

This one is being showcased and sold at AJ Madison. It’s priced just below $790. Among the appliances you see in the market these days, one of the best brands is Summit. In fact, many would go so far as calling Summit the market leader, so you can rest assured you’ll have a reliable brand.

Summit’s AL652B is a series of utility based refrigerator freezer combos that are ADA compliant. They offer ideal storage atmosphere within a perfectly sized unit.

This Summit refrigerator freezer combo makes use of a special dual evaporator system. This allows it to separately cool its freezer and the fresh food compartment. There’s also an impressive cycle defrost, which helps reduce user maintenance with respect to the refrigerator. At the same time, it helps maintain the optimal temperature for the freezer part of this unit, which keeps frozen food really frozen!

There’s more to like about this commercial refrigerator freezer. You’re getting nice interior lighting and a fruit and vegetable crisper, along with the door storage. The fridge and freezer also has a blackish cabinet as well as a stainless steel shiny door. You should have an easy time using the professional grade horizontal handle, which just completes a modern look that combines style and ease of use.

Stainless Steel Door with Pro Handle/Lock – AL650LSSTB

This commercial refrigerator combo can be purchased for somewhere around $850. It’s ADA compliant and has been designed with a 32 inch height that makes it especially useful for lower ADA counters. It has a dual evaporator, which facilitates the maintenance of below zero temperatures inside this freezer with two evaporators.

It also has another feature (just like most other features in this family) – a cycle defrost. This feature combines a blend of the auto defrosting refrigerator and a nice and cozy manual defrosting freezer. Thus, you end up saving a bit of energy, leading to lower monthly electrical bills for you to enjoy.

In addition to this, there are the other features that you’d come to expect in any new commercial refrigerator freezer combo (e.g. zero degree freezer, adjustable thermostat, adjustable shelves and fruit & vegetable crisper).

Here’s one final tip about this product line. The models that have the letters like SSTB, SSHV or SSHH are products with doors made of stainless steel. This ensures durability and elegance.

Stainless Door with Horizontal Towel Bar – ALF620SSHH

Here’s another product of Summit’s. This product has a particularly good reputation with respect to energy efficiency and the low temperatures it’s able to reach. This is useful in increasing the potential lifespan of any food stored inside it. This is a counter height unit that boasts a one of a kind thin-line width that allows it to work within limited space. Other features are more or less similar to the other models within the family that we’ve mentioned here.

For more commercial refrigerator combo ideas, simply continue searching online. Look for energy efficiency, a good warranty, an ergonomic design, and reliable cooling, and any product of the sort should be adequate for your needs.