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Commercial Ice Cream Freezer

A commercial ice cream freezer can be a great display piece, with upright and chest models widely available.

Most people enjoy the taste of ice cream and it is a great treat to have on a hot summer day. For this reason it is sold in a number of outlets and the easiest way to do this is with a commercial ice cream freezer. This type of equipment has been around for many years and is widely available on the market.

Ice cream can be sold in a few different ways. Pre-wrapped ice cream such as that found in cartons and individual lollipops is one way. Another is fresh, flavored ice cream which can be used to make traditional cones and wafers. This tends to be known as scoop ice cream. To keep the ice cream cold in a retailer or café a commercial ice cream freezer will be used and these come in a range of styles depending on the way the ice cream is sold.

A commercial ice cream freezer that is used to hold fresh ice cream tends to be known as a dipping cabinet. This is typically a steel chest with a top that has glass on the customer side and an open space on the serving side to provide access to the ice cream. These vary in size and can typically have anything from four to more than twenty containers which hold the ice cream. The benefit of these is that the top provides a covering for the ice cream while the customer can easily see the flavors of ice cream available.

If you want to serve pre-wrapped ice cream, a commercial ice cream freezer typically comprises a steel chest with a sliding glass lid. These are usually self serve and the glass top helps to maintain a cool temperature plus allows the customer to easily see the contents of the freezer.

If you are considering buying an ice cream freezer for commercial purposes there are a number of manufacturers that produce them. Some of those to consider include True Manufacturing, Turbo Air, Caravell and Arctic Air. These companies produce a range of freezer chests and dipping cabinets in a range of sizes and styles.

The cost of ice cream freezer equipment for commercial purposes will typically depend on the size and the maker. Smaller display freezers can be purchased for around $500 to $600. However larger equipment will be more expensive with some of the bigger dipping cabinets costing in the region of $4,000 to $5,000 to purchase.

The internet can be one of the best places to find commercial ice cream freezer equipment for sale with some of the online retailers including A Best Kitchen and Ice Cream Equipment World. If you prefer buying in person then the websites of the manufacturers are generally the best place to find dealers and retailers that stock their products. Most have details of these including locations and contact information.

If you want to sell ice cream in a store, café or specialty shop then a commercial ice cream freezer equipment is a basic requirement. They come in a range of styles and sizes and are widely available. Whatever your needs, with a little research you should be able to find ice cream freezer equipment that suits these.