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Commercial Glass Door Refrigerator

A commercial glass door refrigerator is an attractive and useful means of beverage refrigeration and food storage.

A commercial glass door refrigerator is a common piece of equipment and can be found in a number of different outlets. This can include shops and stores which sell cold drinks, ice cream and snacks and also fast food outlets, cafes and restaurants. This means there is a reasonable demand for these types of fridges.

The obvious benefit of using a commercial glass door refrigerator is that the contents of the fridge can be seen. This means that a customer can select a purchase without having to open the fridge door and only needs to do so when they have decided what they want. It can also mean that there is more chance that someone will buy something from the fridge as the contents are on display. Even if someone is just passing the fridge they may see something they like and decide to buy.

There are a few different varieties of commercial glass door refrigerator available. There is a range in the size and also the means of opening the door. Smaller glass door fridges which can be placed on a counter top are available and these can be ideal for drinks cans and bottles. However larger fridges are also available and these can typically come in one door, two door or three door models.

If you have a smaller store or café  where space is limited then it can be a good idea to get a sliding glass door fridge rather than a hinged door model. This means the fridge can be fitted into a smaller area as room to pull the door open is not required. Rather, the doors on this type of fridge are set on tracks. To open them you simple pull them sideways and they slide open along the track.

There are a number of manufacturers that produce commercial glass door refrigerator. Some of these include Turbo Air, True Manufacturing, ATC Coolers and Traulsen. These produce a range of commercial refrigerators with glass doors in a variety of styles and sizes to suit all purposes. However these are only a few of the many manufacturers and it can be worth doing a little research before you purchase to find the best fridge.

The cost of a commercial glass door refrigerator will depend on a few factors. The size is obviously one of these and whether you buy a new or used fridge will have an impact on the price. However smaller glass door refrigerators can be found on sale for around $300 to $500. The ATC Coolers 2 cubic feet, one door counter top fridge is an example of this and costs around $330 to purchase. This is a pre-painted steel cabinet with glass door and is capable of holding around 50 16 ounce cans or over 30 20 ounce bottles.

If you are looking for a larger floor standing, glass door commercial refrigerator these are more expensive with some of the larger three door models costing up to around $8,000 to purchase. An example of this is the Hussman 66 cubic feet, three door fridge which has lockable glass doors. Each section comes with four adjustable shelves and a bottom rack and this fridge costs around $8,300 to purchase.

For a store, café or restaurant a commercial glass door refrigerator can be an excellent purchase. It is a simple way to ensure that customers can see the products you have on offer and this in turn can help to increase sales.