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Commercial Chest Freezer

A commercial chest freezer is a great choice for ice cream and frozen food.

There are many businesses that will find a use for a commercial chest freezer and they are a fairly common piece of equipment on the market these days. Some of the businesses that use them include stores and retailers selling frozen food and also cafes and restaurants that need to store food for a period of time.

A commercial chest freezer can come in a variety of styles and sizes. Those that are typically used in stores comprise a steel chest with a sliding or hinged glass top. This enables frozen food to be displayed and easily seen by the customer and there is a variety of foods that can be stored in these. Typical of this is ice cream although frozen meals, vegetables and other foods can also be stored and displayed for sale in these.

The type of commercial chest freezer used in a café or restaurant is similar in style to those used in stores although will typically have a solid rather than a glass lid. This is usually is hinged and is flipped up to see the contents. The size of chest freezers for commercial purposes can typically be larger than those used in a home and sizes up to 20 cubic feet or larger are available. The size you purchase will obviously depend on your storage requirements.

Another factor to take into consideration is whether to purchase frost free or manual defrost equipment. Manual defrost tend to be more energy efficient although periodically the freezer will need to be emptied and defrosted. Frost free equipment can be more convenient although is typically more expensive to use.

Some of the manufacturer names to consider if you are looking into purchasing a commercial chest freezer include Frigidaire, Arctic Air and Summit Appliances. These produce a range of chest freezers for commercial use although they are only a few of the many manufacturers that make this kind of equipment. It is therefore worth doing a little research prior to purchasing to find the best freezer to suit your needs.

There are a number of outlets that a chest freezer for commercial purposes can be found for sale. The manufacturer’s websites can be a good place to find the dealers and retailers that stock their products and they usually have address and contact details shown. This can be the simplest way to find if there is a dealer in your area. There are also a number of internet retailers that have equipment for sale and typical of these is Food Service Warehouse, C Kitchen and My Chef Store.

The cost of a commercial chest freezer can be relatively affordable in comparison to other types of refrigerators. Many can be purchased for less than $1,000 although the cost of some of the larger freezers may rise to above this. It can also be more costly for a freezer with a glass top as opposed to a solid top. Many retailers also sell used chest freezers and this can be a way to reduce the cost of purchase.

For businesses that sell or have a requirement to store frozen food, a commercial chest freezer can be a good option to consider. They can be one of the most affordable refrigeration options and with the size and storage space they offer, this can make them excellent refrigeration equipment to consider.