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Commercial Beverage Cooler

A commercial beverage cooler is the best refrigerator solution for any drink and beer, with many fridge options in the glass door style.

There are many businesses that sell drinks as part of their operations and this can range from small stores to cafes, restaurants and bars. In most cases keeping drinks cold for the benefit of those buying them can be a good idea and if you plan to do this then a commercial beverage cooler can be a good appliance to own.

A commercial beverage cooler is essentially a fridge that is designed specifically for the purpose of keeping cans and bottles cool. It can be used for both soft drinks and alcoholic beverages and the models available are typically produced in a variety of sizes. This can range from smaller models designed for counter top use to full height coolers which have a greater storage capacity.

Typically a commercial beverage cooler is used for display purposes. They are placed in a location where customers can easily see them and usually have glass doors such that the contents of the cooler can easily be seen. They can be used such that customers can serve themselves, although can easily be kept behind a counter as long as the customers can easily see the contents. Depending on the space you have available the doors can either be sliding or hinged, with sliding doors being more suitable in locations where pulling a door open is not so convenient.

There are a few manufacturers that produce commercial beverage coolers. Summit Appliances is one of these and they have a few different models available. The Summit Professional SWC6GBL-SHWO is an example of their models and this can be found on the market for around $600. This is a 24 inch wide model which is designed for either free standing or under counter use. It can be particularly suitable for wine storage and comes with installed wooden shelves for storing cans or bottles.

Other manufacturers that produce commercial beverage cooler models include Avanti, Haier and True Manufacturing, to name a few. These produce coolers in a range of sizes from the smaller 1.7 cubic foot Avanti counter top drinks cooler which costs around $150 to the full height 16.4 cubic foot cooler from True which is available for around $2,800. The size of cooler you require will obviously depend on the quantity of cans and bottles you need to store, although it is generally better to have a cooler that is slightly larger than your needs dictate to ensure that cold drinks are always available for your customers.

The internet can be one of the best locations to find a commercial beverage cooler for sale these days and there are a number of online companies that have coolers available. Some of those to look to if you are interested in purchasing a cooler include the Beverage Factory, Cooler Direct and Bush Refrigeration.

A commercial beverage cooler can be an ideal appliance for a number of different businesses and this includes cafes, bars and restaurants. It will ensure that cold drinks are always readily available for customers such that they can purchase and enjoy these any time they choose to do so.